Rue Taquin Teasing Street

It is the story of a couple with incredible quarrels, where looking tango dance will have the last word.

He commands but as for her, she knows how to break his heart…
Rue Taquin (Teasing Street), a florist couple takes us in his love story: Harmony and discord, interplays of approaches and distances both aggressive and sensual.
Brow to brow, arm in arm, elbow to elbow, nose to nose, back to back, gazing into each other’s eyes, they attract each other and are carried away by the electro-tango sounds of a friendly
2 dancers, 1 guitarist.
Performed inside or outside / Duration : 40 minutes
Choreography & dance :
Brigitte Trémelot, Denis Madeleine
Music : Christophe Duclos
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