Les Ramoneurs (The Chimney sweeps)
Choreographic winter’s tale

“Once upon a time, three chimney sweeps lost on the paths, they scan the horizon looking for their chimney. They dance, yomp, and whirl to the tunes of dream and wind. Acrobats of soot and coal, from the top of their pipe downwards, they ignore that they are destined to a fantastic destiny of travelers. Illusionists or black gold seekers, these gentle poets will make you forget the winter cold.”

Every year, after the summer months, we take the street in a rather unusual manner.
Dressed in red, we make a splash over Christmas.
We travel the country to go and meet a public always ready to live children dreams.
The chimney sweeps, three characters pull out of their carts dance stories to grind.
Alchemists of gesture and rhythm, they will let from
their magical carts fragments of legends spring up, sowing in the streets stories in movement.
These three dancing charmers will go through villages and towns to charm and cast a spell on a family public.
Performed outside or inside.
Duration: 35 minutes
Directed by: Fred Renno
Musical universe: les Comédiens Harmonistes
Orchestration for chimes: Tof Duclos
Three dancers:
Claudie Bertin, Brigitte Trémelot and Denis Madeleine
Costumes : Bastien Guhur
Chantier Lever le Rideau
Scenary: William Boustouler
Chantier Lever le Rideau.
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