The compagny :
arose from the encounter between Brigitte Trémelot and Denis Madeleine, dancers and choreographers, PIED EN SOL (the feet on the ground and the head in the sunshine) travels towards unusual places, outside, meets the audience, proposes a ludic and poetic dance, choreographs shows where everybody can recognize himself.

1994/2010 :
We started our life as choreographers with our duo. At the same time, we organized numerous workshops in schools and associations. We have not a passion for teaching skills but we are very enthusiastic about creation. With children, teenagers and adults we concoct shows. Our own shows are clearly directed to young audiences and are mainly on tour in schools. It is time for us to open our minds to other audiences. We attended for two years, a training course with the dancer choreographer Dominique Petit: trainings of the dancer and improvisations. From that moment a new sensation of freedom has arisen and has never left us. At the same time, we benefited a choreographic sponsorship with the choreographer Charles Cré-Ange who contributed an enormous structuring in space. These two encounters have been and will remain essential in our choreographic career; they simply guided us towards what we use to call our “coup de Coeur”: the street. After this dual work, we created several plays for 3-5 or 7 actors. Then we got down to a new search which is still going on: our relationship with music. And once again, it is an encounter in our history which is the cause of it: the accordionist Ronan Robert who introduced to us his multi-instrumentalist accomplice, Christophe Duclos.

More than ever, we consider ourselves artists and craft workers in our art. For 12 years we have been in the street and we have been working for dance and our dance to be accessible to everybody. As both of us are of bakers’ tradition, we knead our body and our imagination and we give free rein to our inspirations and to our intuitions. As long as our body allows it, we will travel towards this sublime moment of the human and universal encounter which is performing in a public space. And we will gradually and smoothly pass this on.

Very present in the area where we live, we also participate in numerous choreographic and scenographic projects, in the networking of artistic, economic and social players through the cluster “Les Articulteurs” and “Les Gesticulteurs”.


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35600 Redon (France)
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