Cabaret Dada


After 3 empty suitcases, an apple, we are shown armpits, and then big black birds appear suddenly, scream. Rejection of reason and logic, extravagance, derision and humor, this is the program. The mechanics of bodies and spirits go into action, we are guided: so why not follow? Public stands open-mouthed, nobody understand and yet they manage to make a scenario of it, it is freedom in dance, freedom of bodies.
“Be quiet” and look!

Choreographers :
Brigitte Trémelot & Denis Madeleine
Music & sounds (machines, sax, accordéon chromatique, voix) : Christophe Duclos
Art director : Fred Renno
External look : Killian Madeleine
Costumer : Bastien Guhur
Scenic design : Pied en Sol
Radio voices : Maud Gérard - Johann Sauvage - Fred Renno - Christophe Duclos - Brigitte Trémelot & Denis Madeleine
Graphic design : Paul Verveine
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The company Pied en sol scoffs at proprieties and conventions, in a show completely extravagant and absurd in which everybody finds its own history.
Cabaret Dada is a creation conducted by sonorous instructions worthy of the super computer HAL 9000 in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Each person executes movements, without saying a word, without caring about what is going to happen. One goes through all emotions. In a society where everything is controlled, here music controls the dancers. Some sounds are created in live and give free rein to imagination. From groans, to remixed sounds, accordion, voices patchwork like radio jingles, we are lost in the universe of Dadaism. Everything is absurd, nothing is linked.

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