Chemin faisant (On the way)

This show is inspired from popular traditions, from
dance-halls and open-air cafés, mixing popular waltz, waltz, polka, footwork and body swings.
Accordion takes dancers to a world of seduction.

It only took wordless and simple walks where spirits wander to enchanting sites, to create landscapes with dancing bodies melodies.
A dance that reminds us of memories of open-air cafés, of boatmen, countryside people going to rural fairs.
Memory of a waltz that takes us to the paths of intimacy.
And then accordion swings us into an agitated, play and mischievous dream. Body-to-body, swinging arms, strolling gestures let appear the seduction game.
A path soul is opening up before us.
2 dancers, 1 accordionist
Performed inside or outside
Duration : 25 minutes
Accordion : Ronan Robert
Choreography & dance :
Brigitte Trémelot, Denis Madeleine
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Picture : Claire Gohard

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